THIS PAGE IS COMPLETELY SATIRE. Do not take any facts stated here seriously, the Xoxy canon to Children is just an ordinary pet axolotl.
You're so predictable. Why else would I leave the scroll behind? Touching it triggered the map to whisk you here and watch me erase the one thing that linked you with your friends!
— Xoxy, Part 2056

Ambystoma Mexicanum, more commonly referred to as Xoxy is the true antagonist of the Children franchise.


Xoxy's look is simple, he's a white Axolotl with hints of pink here and there. However, in his true form, Xoxy is 15 feet tall and made of light, he has photo realistic eyes and teeth, he has multiple holes in his body with anti-gravity blood flowing out of them.


You must pay close attention to Xoxy's actions to tell his character, he doesn't speak and remains still when being watched, he only moves and/or speaks telepathically to select few people.

Xoxy is mostly sour and unpleasant, he hates most animals, including humans and especially Lily, who he successfully murders when taking control of William Afton. Although he's evil most of the time, Xoxy has show to have a softer and sweeter side to him, such as when he's with John, the only kid he trusts and his owner.


Xoxy is present in every page, just not visible, he was the one responsible for William's every action, to fulfill his plan to murder every kid but John. After the plan goes wrong and John is killed, Xoxy enters a state of deep depression, unable to kill himself due to how powerful he is, Xoxy decides to springlock himself while possessing Michael, forcing himself to feel pain for the rest of his life.

Xoxy experienced many events in his life, such as an alien invasion, which caused humans to go extinct (except for him), and animals to be mutated into intelligent beings. The animals then started building machines, which eventually led to a robotic apocalypse.

Xoxy finally died after launching himself into the Sun, which caused the whole Universe to be destroyed.

Due to his heroic actions, Xoxy was given the power to re-create the universe, in which he was able to relive life, this time as a regular Axolotl, with his owner John, Xoxy decided to accept the presence of other humans as he realized he should enjoy life for what he has. This exact timeline of events happened twice.


  • Many have reported to have seen an image of Xoxy minutes after the sinking of the Titanic. This is, of course, because the iceberg was, in fact, Xoxy himself.
  • It was confirmed by the comic's creators that Xoxy is OUR TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR.