The Missing Children Incident was an event in which five Children; Daniel, Bianca, Charlie, Francis and Michael, were lured into and killed at the Parts & Service room by William Afton in a Spring Bonnie costume during Michael's birthday party.

Timeline of Events

-William Afton/Spring Bonnie leads the group of children to the Parts and Service room at Fredbear's.

-William reveals the animatronics aren't real and the kids attempt to escape.

-William grabs hold of Daniel attempting to escape and stabs him in both eyes. William then stabs the knife straight through Daniels head and lets him go.

-Bianca tries to escape but one of the guitar strings have come off on one point. William sees this, and puts the string to her neck, decapitating Bianca.

-William targets Charlie next but Francis stood in front of her. William then stabs Francis in his stomach and runs it upward a bit. He pulls out the knife and Francis falls to the floor bleeding from his mouth and stomach.

-William takes Charlie into the kitchen and shoves her inside an oven. He turns on the oven, leaving Charlie inside to literally melt to death.

-William turns off the kitchen lights and goes back for Michael. He enters Parts and Service but discovers Michael has hidden. William realizes that Michael is inside Fredbear, and pulls off the head and pulls him out a bit to tell him about the springlocks. He then kicks the leg of Fredbear, triggering the springlocks with Michael inside. William puts the head back and is also triggered. Michaels eyes pop out and William chops off Michael's head.

-William drags the children's bodies to Foxy's cove where he activates Foxy, who soon deactivates. William then takes off Foxy's head and stuffs Francis' body inside. He stuffs Charlie in Chica, Bianca in Bonnie, and Daniel in Freddy.