The Springs and Traps AU is a comic made by David_TheSpringtrap (otherwise known as DaafWattenstaaf) somewhere in May 2016, shortly after the Children comic started. The AU added a new kid, Joey, to the main character roster alongside other new characters not revealed yet. The series is currently on hiatus.


Back in the old FNaF 3 days, David and his friends made stupid little FNaF AUs. They would roleplay in them and draw stuff about them. After going to middle school, David lost most of these friends and joined Reddit where he read the children comic series. This inspired him to revive one of his old AUs (Spring Bonnie being possesed too) and asked Bonfim for permission to make a Children AU, where the Spring Bonnie animatronic being possesed by a kid as well.


JOEY: Joey is an 8 year old boy who immigrated from Europe. He wears a short sleeved green/yellow shirt and red-ish pants. He was invited to Michael's birthday party, but he came late. This resulted in him asking William where his friends were, and William trying to kill him. Eventually, he didn't kill Joey because of a mental breakdown, and Sammy finished the job.