Samuel Christopher White, more commonly referred to as Sammy, is the 6th child to appear in the series. After becoming a ghost, he went on to possess The Puppet.


Sammy is one of the youngest characters in the series, he's a boy with black hair and green eyes. He wears a light blue shirt with a darker vest over it, as well as dark blue pants and large brown boots.

As a ghost, his skin is almost white and there is blood around his chest and coming from his mouth.


Sammy, at the beginning of the comic, seems very friendly, and compassionate to the other children who had recently met their fate from the infamous William. This is later shown to be false, as almost the minute he exits his Puppet form, he shows his true colors. Sammy can be an absolute maniac if he loses his cool, as when Micheal is bullied by the other children, he completely snaps, screaming at them a long paragraph of salt. This could be evidence for a Mood Disorder. But when he's not completely insane, Sammy shows his previous side, a calmer, kinder person, especially to Micheal.


Michael Gould

Sammy and Micheal always have a bit of a wonky relationship. Some of the time, Sammy is very comforting and nice to Micheal compared to others. Other times, Sammy knows and accepts he's terrifying Micheal, such as the incident when Sammy reveals he lied to them, and they needed to kill, Sammy taunting Micheal. They seem to have a "I can taunt him but if you lay a finger, you're dead, kiddo" type of deal.

Bianca Alves

Bianca and Sammy have a very sorcerer and apprentice type feeling to their relationship, as Bianca is the first to accept their need to kill, and Sammy instructs her how. Sammy is also much kinder to Bianca, as she was the first person to apologize to Micheal.


  • Sammy was confirmed to be British by the comic's creators.
  • His middle name was chosen by /u/White_Lupin.
  • Sammy acted as Pinocchio in a school play when he was 5.