Many memes have been created around the Children comic series. Many are on the subreddit, many aren't. But, since there are so many, this page is dedicated to finding and listing the many Children memes.


Ferncis is a version of the character Francis and one of the many memes created by /u/AdventureFreddy.[1]

He's a floating head with no body, has fox ears and wears an eye patch. Ferncis got very popular and even became a bot on the official Children Discord server.

Kenny TV Jumpscare

After Part 160 of Children was released, many users started editing various different things into the TV. [2]

Danielle's tits

After Danielle's grown up version was created, her fan club turned her breasts into a joke.[3]

There have since been multiple variations on the "Danielle's tits" memes involving other female characters.



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