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Lilliam, more commonly referred to as Lily is a main character in the Children comic series. She's one of the Toy Kids.


Lily is a very young girl who wears a violet shirt with a bunny on it and long colorful socks. She's missing a tooth.


Lily first appeared in Part 211 running up to John to show him the Bonnie paper plate doll she made, mentioning Jessie helped her make it. She later stops Ronny and Page from fighting in Part 213.

Lily mentions being tired in Part 216 and asks John when are their parents coming, she later shows surprise when Golden Freddy (William) appears. In the next part she questions why Freddy is yellow instead of brown, and agrees to play with him until their parents arrive. In Part 218 Lily is almost convinced to go home, but stays when she sees Golden Freddy with her ukulele, she then lets him "play" it in Part 219, but he instead bashes the ukulele on her head in Part 220, causing her to scream in Part 221.Golden Freddy then stabs Lily with the now broken ukulele while she whimpers in Part 222, finally killing her.


  • She was designed by Flump, the comic's concept artist.
  • Lily is the youngest character in the Children series.

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