THIS CHARACTER IS NOT CANON TO THE CHILDREN SERIES. This is part of a completely separate part of the series. So please don't go using this for Children stuff.

Danielle Cole Chesser is a version of Daniel in which his gender has been swapped, making him female. A more popular rendition of the character involves her at the age of 21, sporting a completely different outfit. Danielle is debatably the most infamous character of the entire Children series.


Danielle as a kid looks almost identical to her male self, apart from having eyelashes and much longer hair.

As an adult, however, she's very tall, has even longer hair and large hips and breasts, she still wears the same shirt she used to as a kid, which barely fits her anymore, in addition to a black leather jacket with golden borders and a black bow tie. She also wears new dark beige pants and dark brown shoes with light gray shoelaces.


Danielle retains the same personality from when she was a boy, refusing to do girly things and wanting to still be called Daniel, she kept her old shirt due to it "keeping a bit of her masculinity".


Kid Danielle first appeared in the third Children Short posted on July 28th of 2016, and in all of the following shorts.

Starting from March 28th, 2017, Bonfim, creator of Children, started posting short stories on Danielle's grown up version, to showcase more of her personality and explain a bit of her backstory. The first short explains how she transformed simply after drinking a soda one morning, while the second one tells she found her leather jacket on the floor of a dresser.


  • She got her own official fan club on Reddit on August 20th of 2016, originally created by /u/AdventureFreddy.