This page contains spoilers for the game Undertale, proceed at your own risk!

ChildrenTale is an AU version of Children where all the characters are Undertale characters. There are multiple versions of this idea, the primary two by /u/White_Lupin and /u/BalloonBilly22_.

/u/Bonfim_BR has had a hand in both versions, creating some concept art and helping with plotlines.

/u/White_Lupin's Version

Lupin's version is currently in development. The current character roster is as follows.

Daniel & Bianca: Sans & Papyrus

Francis & Charlie: Undyne & Alphys

Michael & Sammy: Napstablook & Mettaton

Connor & Chloe: Asgore & Toriel

Kenny & Poppy: Asriel/Flowey & Chara

/u/BalloonBilly22_'s Version

Still very much in its early stages, not much is known about this comic other than that Kenny takes the role of Frisk, Micheal takes the role of Asriel, and Sammy takes the role of Chara.